RLS.org: A Make Work Project

Six years ago my wife Barb informed me that there was actually a name for the “wonky legs” I had been experiencing for many years. She told me it was called “Restless Legs Syndrome.”

What an awesome breakthrough that was. It turned out that I wasn’t some sort of freak with a weird disease … and I wasn’t alone. There were millions of people like me suffering from the same strange ailment.

I started researching Restless Legs Syndrome and found out that the only help at that time were pharmaceuticals that often produced uncomfortable side effects. For whatever reason, I ruled pharmaceuticals out as ever being an option.

At that point, I set out find out every other option that was available to me.

In my internet travels, I ran across RLS.org. This US agency based in Rochester, MN seemed to be the nerve center of anything to do Restless Legs … especially in the US and Canada.

A few years later when I was confident that the RLS remedy I developed would work for everyone, RLS.org were the first people I approached with the good news.

Of course at that time my remedy was still in book form, and ultimately I was trying to make money from this discovery. The plan was to have some RLS.org members try out the remedy (I was going to pay for all the supplements) and once they found out that it worked, they would let other members know about the book and its amazing remedy.

After that, it was just a matter of counting the piles of money.

As I’m sure you guessed, that never happened.

The first lady I approached at RLS.org was Janice E. Hoffmann, the chair of the Board of Directors. The reason I chose her was not only because she was high up, but because from her bio I found out that she was a musician. I thought that there was a good chance that she had heard of The Indie Bible (the music directory I publish). If she had heard of it, that would give me some sort of credibility.

Nothing ever came of that. She never even replied to my e-mail.

I didn’t understand at the time what was going on? Here’s this giant organization bound together by one noble cause, and when someone contacts them saying that they’ve found a solution, they’re ignored?  (this would all make sense to me later).

I called up the main switchboard and told the operator about my situation and asked who would be the best person to talk to about it. She suggested that I contact Georgianna Bell, the Executive Director. I eventually got in touch with Georgianna and told her about the remedy, and what my plan was.

To her credit, she was somewhat open to having RLS.org members review the information, as long as my book met her standards. But, as far as running any sort of test or study, that wasn’t going to happen. She was going to review the material and if she found it to be plausible, she would mention it to other members.

I’m not sure if that ever happened? I never heard back from her. I left her a message a few months later after I decided to put all the remedy information up on my website for free. Again, she never got back.

She had a medical background, so the fact that she even hinted that she may recommend that RLS.org members read my book, should have been considered a major victory.

So, I guess the point of this whole post is to emphasize the fact that this organization that considers itself to be the beating heart of hope, is nothing like that.

They are the beating heart of the problem … they perpetuate the dream that someday soon, a mice torturer is going to run out of their lab screaming “We’ve found the cure!”

That is not going to happen … ever!

These RLS.org people are not stupid or bad … they’re Scientists. They all have scientific minds. Brilliant, but not very open. Hopefully, for your sake, and for the sake of all those that still suffer, they can get out of the way of their own brilliance.

You would think that a few of them must have read the posts and articles about ALL the people who have become free of their RLS through diet, vitamins, minerals and herbs. How can you just shrug all those positive experiences off as being whimsical?

The pathway to healing that RLS.org follows is a medical pathway. Their members all have medical backgrounds. They have a Medical Advisory Board. They have a Scientific Advisory Board. Their funding is provided as a means toward medical research.

That’s means their final solution is going to be a drug. And we all know how that goes.

Their goal is stated quite clearly through their grant program.

“Through its research grant program, the RLS Foundation honors promising scientists whose work addresses the goals of the Foundation. The RLS Foundation encourages grant applications for basic and clinical research studies of restless legs syndrome (RLS). Basic science leading to a better understanding of RLS, innovative approaches, interdisciplinary studies, and support of promising postdoctoral candidates is given funding priority.”

I don’t expect RLS.org to come out of their cave any time soon. They are joined at the hip with Big Pharma, therefore the odds of RLS.org ever recommending or supporting a non-pharmaceutical cure, are nil.

My hope is that eventually the overwhelming number of natural cures will be too much for even RLS.org to keep under wraps. In order to make themselves not look totally robotic, they’ll have to create a section on their website that lists the most popular natural remedies and diets that have been working for people.

That day will be a glorious victory for those that continue to suffer in the dark because of the arrogance and pride of RLS.org and its members.

For free information about the cause and cure for Restless Legs Syndrome visit www.RLcure.com This remedy for RLS is completely natural and features NO side effects.

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