The First Step to Healing Your Restless Legs: Put out the Fire!

If a fire breaks out in your kitchen, the first thing you need to do in order to save your house, is to put the fire out.

It’s pretty basic logic. You can worry about the smoke damage, your melted toaster, the ruined curtains and whether or not your insurance covers the damage … after the fact.

But until you put that fire out, nothing else matters.

You must take the same approach when taking on your RLS. You must first PUT OUT the fire that is causing your restless legs.

Nothing else matters. You can switch medications all you want, philosophize about why your legs are rustling … and why only at night, read articles on how RLS is kind of like Parkinson’s Disease, and how it’s kind of like Crohn’s Disease, post on RLS discussion boards about your dismal side effects and how profound your RLS is compared to other people’s … but until you shift your WILL, and make a CONSCIOUS decision to PUT OUT the fire that is causing your pain … nothing is going to change.

We put out the fire by taking natural anti-inflammatories – as MANY of those from this remedy that you are able to take.

Look at each anti-inflammatory as a different firefighter with a firehose. The best way you can attack the inflammation is from all angles with as many firefighters as you can round up. This will speed up the healing process immeasurably.

Again, it’s crucial … absolutely essential that you begin to watch your diet. You need to at least pull back a bit from your regular intake of the most common RLS antagonists (caffeine, gluten, aspartame, sugar, salt, MSG and alcohol).

Taking the natural anti-inflammatories while you continue to consume a diet FULL of RLS antagonists, is like spraying 3 hoses of water on the kitchen fire, and 2 hoses of gasoline.

A little progress will be made, but the healing will not be as nearly as quick and effective as it could be.

For free information about the cause and cure for Restless Legs Syndrome visit This remedy for RLS is completely natural and features NO side effects.

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