The Inflammation Rating of a “Normal” Breakfast

The book I mentioned in a previous post called The Inflammation Free Diet Plan has spawned a nutritional website called Self Nutrition Data

Thousands of different food are broken down into their nutritional components, including the inflammation rating for each one.

Based on the findings at Self Nutrition Data, here are the inflammation ratings for what could be considered a “normal” breakfast.

2 Eggs   -112
Bacon  -6
Rice Krispies -101 
Glass of Orange Juice -25
Toast (white) -93
1 Cup 2% milk  -70
1 Cup of Brewed Coffee +1

The grand total of the above foods is -406.

The irony of it is that the 2 foods that I expected to be the worst,  are actually not that bad … the bacon and coffee.

I promise I won’t show you the picture of that stomach ulcer again. Let’s  just assume that you do in fact have inflammation (damaged cells) in your legs. Imagine what kind of irritation is taking place when you start your day off with a breakfast similar to the one listed above.

Again, recovery is all about common sense, and the willingness to make some sacrifices.

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