Testimonial From David Griffiths

writing_1_mdI’m going to start posting a testimonial every week. This is to try and bring a ray of hope into your current situation.

These testimonials will be a gentle reminder that it is possible for you to become RLS free.

Your situation may be a unique case, but it’s not a hopeless case. You just need to find what’s causing the inflammation in your body, and avoid whatever that is.

The first testimonial is from David Griffiths. David was the first person to inform me about the the inflammatory influence of electromagnetic energy from electrical wiring and related technology. I’ll do more research on this and will post about it in the near future.

David has stopped taking his RLS meds and is living life almost totally RLS free.

“Your website and message has been helping me for a long time now.

When I first came across your writings I was taking Sifrol, clonazepam, and ibuprofen/codeine pills and still not getting close to 100% coverage of my symptoms.

My RLS almost totally gone nowadays, although it still bothers me in a very mild form. I haven’t taken any Sifrol/Mirapex for a year and haven’t taken any clonazepam or codeine for even longer. Nowadays if I get any unpleasant tingles I rub some ibuprofen gel on my lower back where the nerve roots for the legs are, it goes away within a few minutes.

My regimen is very strict though (thanks mostly to your great efforts). I have to abstain from alcohol, caffeine, MSG or glutamate-rich foods, ginseng or other herbal stimulants, refined sugar, gluten, oil, stress, and certain medications as well. Aside from the ibuprofen gel I also use an oxytocin spray occasionally to counteract the stress of a ‘relapse’ (usually because I’ve eaten something by accident), and I also use a light therapy device called a Re-Timer to keep me from staying up late.

Even though I’m relatively symptom-free and no longer have the fear of medications becoming ineffective over time, I still do feel that RLS/PLMD is a dominating force in my life. The health benefits of such a strict routine are definitely appreciated but it’s difficult when other people (especially doctors) downplay the issue or flippantly dismiss it as a minor problem.

Your description of the problem as being a kind of “burn” has had profound influence on me, and inspired a journey towards being largely symptom-free.

I’ve been reading more and more about the inflammatory influence of electromagnetic energy from electrical wiring and related technology, and the links between electrical power exposure and the arrival of Alzheimer’s, autism/ADHD, and more.

The latest BioInitiative report has a section on ELF (extremely low frequency), the type of frequency used to transmit power from place to place.

My exhaustive personal testing showed that despite getting significant relief from removing inflammatory triggers, it was only after also turning off the house at night that I was able to cease all medications.

I’ve since come to believe that I must have some kind of extra sensitivity to this radiation as a result of working in the computer industry, but it is a very certain result. We discovered later that behind the wall in our old house was a hot water unit that usually ran as I was trying to get to sleep, which is where my RLS symptoms really got so bad that I saw a doctor about it.

As you know, it is hard enough to get people to acknowledge that their diet may impact their health, let alone the *sacred cow* of electricity.

I often wish there was more I could do to reach out and help people with the same sort of problem, but I find that posting on RLS message boards is a bit of a waste of time because they’re very pro-drug and quick fix oriented.

Thanks again for your inspiring work and if there’s anything I can ever do please ask.” – David


  1. sally said

    I’m a graphic design teacher and work in a room of wireless Mac Computers…have always worried about the electro magnetic field. Thanks for this interesting testimonial it will motivate me to see if something can be done to reduce the field both at work and home, seeing as my RLS is every night every hour right now.

    If anyone has any suggestions of the best way to reduce electric fields, please post.

    ~Sally in Michigan

    • KarenLA said


      Goggle David Wolfe, Longevity Warehouse. He’s a health guru. Look under his product listing for reducing emfs. He has videos showing what his products to and they are very reasonable

  2. Thank you for the post. I keep learning. Eliminating inflammatory-inducing foods helps me–for sure.

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