Back Ache, ‘Restless Legs’, Arthritis Linked to Food Sensitivity

ImageFrom The Food Intolerance Institute of Australia
Studies show inflammation associated with back pain, ‘restless legs’, neck pain and other arthritic conditions is linked to some foods. In addition the research reveals inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis are over-represented among food sensitive people – further cementing the link.

Different sensitivities are to blame in different people. However the only thing sufferers need to know is –  these inflammatory disorders start healing almost as soon as Problem Foods are identified and substituted in the diet. This new drug-free healing method is finding favour amongst doctors and patients alike.

Relieve Back Pain, Inflammation – By Switching A Few Foods

Your body may not be able to fully digest all food proteins. It’s called Food Intolerance . . . and it delivers renegade half-digested proteins (peptides) into your bloodstream which cause mischief in the body: essentially they set off an immune response which triggers inflammation.

Once in the bloodstream – these peptides can create inflammation anywhere in the body – and if left unattended – the inflammation can develop into chronic disease.

– Inflammation in the dermis leads to dermatitis and eczema
– Inflammation in the intestine leads to colitis and Celiac Disease
– Inflammation in the respiratory system leads to bronchitis, cough and asthma
– inflammation in the tendons of the joints leads to stiff joints, back pain, neck ache or arthritic conditions  (Editor’s Note: I would add Restless Legs Syndrome)

Most importantly – identifying problem foods is vital for the healing to begin: discovering your food intolerance.


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