A Doctor that Actually Recommends Natural Treatments for RLS

ImageI’m currently gathering information for a post that will connect high glutamate levels (because of a recent study that shows that RLS sufferers have a higher presence of glutamate in their brain), inflammation, RLS and insomnia.

It’s exciting what I’ve found so far, and should be helpful to many of you, if not all of you. I’ll hopefully be able to have this posted by the end of today.

I’m doubly excited because during my research I found an article by a doctor, Dr. Tim Gerstmar, that suggests a good place to start for RLS recovery is my website www.rlcure.com

The author recommends using a micellized curcumin product, cayenne, and ginger, and drinking carrot juice as a starting place. He suggests you’ll begin to see relief within 2 weeks of following this regimen. From there he recommends a repair/healing phase and then a maintenance phase. This seems like a inexpensive, safe place to start the non-drug treatment of RLS.

Dr. Gerstmar summarizes by saying “Based on my review of the literature and the science behind RLS I think the best place to start in the natural treatment of RLS is with an ‘anti-inflammatory’ diet and lifestyle, followed by repleting the nutrients needed to create dopamine.”

This is VERY hopeful. As more doctors concede to the obvious advantages of natural healing, it should help get the word out and educate RLS sufferers, and let them know, at the very least, that they have options.

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