Testimonial from Christine Woodland, Australia

Woman at Desk“I have given up milk and wheat products, and significantly limited my sugar consumption. I have found that has helped enormously. Sugar, I think is a particular problem.

I also try to limit my eating at night to mostly vegetables and salads. That too I think has helped.

I am sleeping reasonable well now throughout the night, most nights. The times I experience RLS is when I get back into bed after visiting the bathroom in the early morning hours. It’s then that the RLS tends to start, but I manage to get back to sleep.

Since I have taken these various approaches my RLS has decreased by about 90%. And as I mentioned, when the only time I experience it is when I get back into bed in the middle of the night after a bathroom visit.  I get twinges of restless legs, but generally doesn’t take hold, and I go back to sleep. This is often in conjunction with using a hand massager, on my legs, which helps to relieve the symptoms, and I quickly fall sleep.”

~ Christine

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