I Heard Back From EasyHealthOptions.com and Got My Link and Credit!

ImageI sent an e-mail to Dr. Cutler about the article he wrote on the website EasyHealthOptions.com that included a lot of information taken from my Restless Legs website www.rlcure.com

Dr. Cutler didn’t return my e-mail, but the owner of the website, Carl Lowe, got back to me right away and apologized for the oversight.

He is going to put up a link and also asked me to submit an article.

“Good afternoon Mr. Wimble,

I am the editor of easyhealthoptions.com. As you suggested, we will put a link to your website in our story about restless leg syndrome.

If you would you like to write a short item for easyhealthoptions.com, I could run it in the near future and include another link to your site in that article, too.


Carl Lowe”

I appreciate the fact that he even got back to me. The link and article are a bonus.

I know, a single link or article doesn’t seem like much to anyone. But having been constantly under attack for over 4 years now, with no help in sight, for me, this is a major victory.

ImageThis is the first professional support that I have received since my ongoing discussions several years ago with Dr. Leonard Weinstock. He and his team published a study showing that there is likely a strong connection between inflammation and RLS.

Dr. Weinstock was kind enough to talk to me at the time about his upcoming paper, and we actually learned quite a bit from each other. Unfortunately some RLS zealots (some real kooks) forced him (through legal action) to break all ties with me.

Still, his study speaks for itself. There is no denying the facts that it presents.


  1. Barb Lougheed said

    Bravo Wilby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Paul said

    Why have you been under attack?


  3. rlsottawa said

    Hi Paul
    Thanks for your wonderful comment!
    I have been attacked in the past. Quite often actually. The crazy flash attacks from a certain group of RLSers has stopped. What usually happens now is like what happened today with my post about the idea of RLS not being a disease …. more of a warning from the body. I tried to put a link up at both RLS.org and RLS.uk. Both were removed. I’ve also been bounced from Wikipedia in the past, and if you can believe it, Twitter. How does someone get the boot from Twitter? Anyway, I’m back on Twitter. I had to promise to behave myself and not try and help the people that are bitching and complaining about their RLS.

    • Paul said

      I used to belong to an RLS yahoo group, quit after awhile when I realized that all these people were only interested in medications. Like the old saying goes, doesn’t matter how much information you give to someone who isn’t listening. Cheers!

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