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A Quote About the Relationship Between Restless Legs Syndrome and Inflammation from Dr. Leonard Weinstock

ImageI am honored and grateful that Dr. Leonard Weinstock, the lead author of a study titled “Restless Legs Syndrome – Theoretical roles of inflammatory and immune mechanisms.” was kind enough to send me this quote to place on my website. He is aware of some of the backlash I’ve had to endure these last few years, and was willing to support me in this way – without hesitation. I cannot thank him enough.

“I have thoroughly analyzed every known scientific study that has been done on Restless Legs Syndrome. Taking all of this data into consideration, there is no doubt in my mind that inflammation plays a major role in the occurrence of RLS. I see this time and time again with many patient types.”

–  Dr. Leonard Weinstock, Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology

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