The Link Between RLS and Inflammation is Starting to Gain Some Traction in the Mainstream

Logo_tAKING-IT_MAINSTREAM2The belief that inflammation plays a major role in the presence of RLS is finally starting to gain traction in the mainstream.

The excerpt below is not the type of information that is going to change anyone’s mind on the issue (it’s more of a marketing ploy to sell more supplements than hard scientific evidence) but it is a small indicator that a shift is happening. A few years ago, the connection between the two would have been considered absurd.

Here is a short overview of RLS from the website of an organic food distributor called “Z Natural Foods.”

“Inflammation could play a role in Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) in three ways:

• Inflammation could trigger iron deficiencies that lead to RLS
• Immune responses to imbalanced bacteria levels in the intestines could trigger inflammation that lead to RLS
• Altered genetic host defense mechanisms may lead to excessive inflammation which could trigger RLS

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