heatherHeather Sullivan Zydek from Milwaukee, Wisconsin sent me a message recently telling about her early success in eliminating her RLS by focusing on microbiome healing.

It was due to this message (along with an article that I am presenting in Part Three of this series) that got me REALLY excited about probiotics. This just feels like the core of the problem. It makes so much sense. If the gut is where most of the inflammation is being manufactured, then this has to be the primary target for healing.

Below is some hopeful information from Heather that was originally posted on a forum called “Healthy Microbiome: A place to discuss the healthy microbiome lifestyle”

“For most of my adult life I have struggled with Restless Leg Syndrome, a condition believed to be auto-immune in nature. My flare-ups usually occur in the evenings when I am sitting watching TV or reading, on a car ride or at a play or movie. It started in my mid 20s with my pregnancies and worsened as the years went on. I tried quitting caffeine and taking extra iron, as both are associated with the condition. Nothing helped.

In the summer of 2012, I noticed a slight improvement on the almost nightly electrical feelings in my legs and arms after I started drinking the probiotic drink kefir daily. But my diet was still poor — as a lacto-ovo vegetarian I lived on tons of sugar, wheat and fat — so ultimately the RLS persisted.

For a while after that I wondered if maybe healing my microbiome would help this and other minor germs-289x300ailments (e.g. chronic heartburn) to improve. I was very thankful when I finally sat down and started learning how to heal the microbiome, and then made a commitment to try this summer.

I have now been following a microbiome diet for almost a month and can say that for the last week or so I have had almost no RLS symptoms. I even went on a two-hour car ride and had no RLS. I still feel a shadow of that irritating electricity wanting to flare up, but it never happens. I will keep watching to see if this is a legit healing or if the RLS is just at bay for a little while. I’m excited about the possibility that I might be able to go to evening plays and on road trips without the embarrassing disturbance of having major RLS symptoms.”


If you have a success story, please e-mail me at

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