“Inflammation and Management of RLS with Magnesium” by Dr. Mark Sircus

5efcd76e69382b4b36cbca2afc8528e8“There are many factors that trigger inflammation. They are found in both our internal and external environments and include excessive levels of the hormone insulin (insulin resistance), emotional stress, environmental toxins (heavy metals), free-radical damage, viral, bacterial, fungal other pathogenic infections, obesity, overconsumption of hydrogenated oils, periodontal disease, radiation exposure, smoking, spirochetes such as the Borrelia that causes Lyme disease, and certain pharmacological drugs.

Approximately 12 million Americans have Restless Legs Syndrome, a sleep and movement disorder characterized by unpleasant (tingling, crawling, creeping and/or pulling) feelings in the legs, which cause an urge to move in order to relieve the symptoms. Magnesium supplements may be helpful for relieving Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and for treating insomnia.

However, in the final analysis there is no single medicine or nutritional agent that has the power to both treat and prevent chronic inflammatory conditions. 012_symbol

Magnesium acts as a general cell tonic while it reduces inflammation and systemic stress. Equally it is important in overall energy (ATP) production, hormonal and enzyme production and function which all reflect powerfully on the process of inflammation.”

The above is an excerpt from an article by Dr. Mark Sircus Ac., OMD, DM. Dr. Sircus is a prolific writer and author of several medical and health-related books. Dr. Sircus’s methods are based on medical science and long years of clinical experience, not only his own but experiences of doctors from around the world.



  1. Cindy said

    You can add cell phone towers to your list of things that cause restless leg. I had been having terrible restless leg symptoms throughout my whole body at night for about a week. I tried everything including magnesium; which does work by the way, and during this week nothing would give me relief. I then found out that the tower was one of the last in my area to have the output bumped up, and it was not functioning properly during the time I was having these problems. In passing conversation with a neighbor she reported having the same problem, her solution was to sleep at her sons house where she had none of the symptoms. While discussing it we found out that moving to the other side of the house helped symptoms a little bit. She said her only relief was to lay on the floor. I basically was awake all night squirming from discomfort , I was dangerously irritable while experiencing symptoms. A few days after the work on the tower to bump up the output I felt the restlessness subside, but I am having terrible constant headache and muscle tension that’s quite painful now. I can also hear a high pitched frequency in my ears or head that never goes away while I’m in my home. I also feel nauseas.

    • rlsottawa said

      Hi Cindy Thanks for getting in touch. I do have information about electrical sources being inflammatory on my website. A few other people have been in touch with similar comments. This would be a very helpful note for me to post for others. Is it okay if I post your comment? I think a lot of people are having the same problem with electrical sources. Here’s a oomment from the person that first let me know about this issue: “I’ve been reading more and more about the inflammatory influence of electromagnetic energy from electrical wiring and related technology, and the links between electrical power exposure and the arrival of Alzheimer’s, autism/ADHD, and more. The latest BioInitiative report has a section on ELF (extremely low frequency), the type of frequency used to transmit power from place to place. My exhaustive personal testing showed that despite getting significant relief from removing inflammatory triggers, it was only after also turning off the house at night that I was able to cease all medications. I’ve since come to believe that I must have some kind of extra sensitivity to this radiation as a result of working in the computer industry, but it is a very certain result. We discovered later that behind the wall in our old house was a hot water unit that usually ran as I was trying to get to sleep, which is where my RLS symptoms really got so bad that I saw a doctor about it. As you know, it is hard enough to get people to acknowledge that their diet may impact their health, let alone the *sacred cow* of electricity.” Since there are so many people contacting me about this issue, the time is right to educate people a bit more about this problem. Your comment would really help.

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