Your Restless Legs are a WARNING SIGNAL!

warning-signal-restless-legs-syndromeI’m going to keep repeating this mantra for as long as it takes because it’s CRUCIAL for people suffering from RLS to understand that the twitching and rustling of their legs is a SYMPTOM of a DEEPER issue that needs to be addressed.

That issue being the presence of chronic inflammation

If the inflammation is not attended to, it will eventually manifest as a REAL disease or condition, one that is CERTAIN to affect your quality of life.

You don’t have to disobey your doctor. You can change your diet and add in some vitamins and supplements and still take your RLS and sleep medications. So, there’s no downside in making these changes.

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  1. Cindy Villa said

    Ok if RLS is a reaction to histamine, aside from changing the diet and taking vitamins, can antihistamines help? My whole body is inflamed so I know your right. I’m even beginning to feel my body temp rising, norm is 97.6 now it’s 98.4 and I can feel the difference. Even though I technically have no fever. I even feel hot spots in certain areas.

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    • rlsottawa said

      Hi Cindy Sorry to hear that you’re having such a rough time. One thing that EVERYONE agrees on is to avoid anti-histamines at all cost. They are highly inflammatory! The reaction to histamine is only one of hundreds of reasons that a body could be inflamed. I’m not sure if you checked out the natural remedies for histamine tolerance page from my website. Here it is: I also recommend that you check out the daily intake page that lists MANY different options for fighting inflammation Good luck! David

    • rlsottawa said

      Since your temperature is rising and you seem to be quite inflamed, I would also recommend taking probiotics right away. If there are some digestive issues that is helping to spawn the inflammation, probiotics will help. I’d start at least with the sauerkraut (the kind you find in the fridge at your supermarket) some keifer, and any other probiotics you can fit in. Acidopolous could help too. Tell your health food store expert that you think you have leaky gut (which is just a way of letting them know that your digestive system needs help) and they may be able to suggest some other supplements.

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