chronic-inflammationUntil recently, there were various competing theories as to the causes of RLS. Prominent theories included:

* Iron deficiency
* Dopamine dysregulation
* Infection
* Chronic diseases-kidney failure, diabetes & peripheral neuropathy;
* Certain medications
* Pregnancy

New research, however, indicates that although the above conditions are highly associated with Restless Leg Syndrome, it is underlying chronic inflammation that is causing these conditions in addition to the RLS. Therefore, RLS and the above conditions are actually concurrent side effects of underlying, chronic inflammation.

Groundbreaking research conducted in 2012 revealed “The fact that 95% of the 38 highly-associated RLS conditions are also associated with inflammatory/immune changes suggests the possibility that RLS may be mediated or affected through these mechanisms. Inflammation can be responsible for iron deficiency and hypothetically could cause central nervous system iron deficiency-induced RLS. Alternatively, an immune reaction to gastrointestinal bacteria or other antigens may hypothetically cause RLS by a direct immunological attack on the central or peripheral nervous system.”

Current research suggests that INFLAMMATION is the root cause of RLS, as well as the fire, flameconcurrent conditions (once thought to be the source of RLS).

The inflammation causing RLS can also affect iron levels. The scientific community agrees that inflammation can affect iron levels. The causality is often confused here: low iron appears to be one of the guilty parties when it comes to RLS symptoms but it is inflammation that is causing the low iron levels. Increasing iron levels will improve RLS symptoms, but addressing the underlying inflammation can actually cure the condition.

Dopamine imbalance and RLS are both caused by inflammation. There are many scientific studies that show that a dopamine imbalance can be due to either low iron levels or caused directly from inflammation. Increasing dopamine levels helps with the symptoms, but does not deal with the actual cause. The inflammation that is causing the dopamine imbalance must be dealt with directly if the levels are ever to stabilize.

Infection causes chronic inflammation throughout the body and RLS is simply a “biomarker” revealing the high inflammation.

Chronic conditions such as kidney failure and diabetes are associated with high inflammation throughout the body which then causes the RLS.

Medications hypothesized to cause RLS are known to increase inflammation.

Pregnancy-Development-3rd-Trimester0-800x640RLS is caused by the higher inflammation found in pregnant women. Many scientific studies show that RLS symptoms are at their worst in the third trimester of pregnancy. Studies also show that inflammation levels tend to be higher in pregnant women, especially the third trimester.

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